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About Me

Who is Nathan Jay? Illustrator and Designer from Newcastle, NSW.

Unique and professional design including logo and graphic design, illustration, photography and clothing/apparel.

"Minimal, raw, illustrative mixed-media design" is exactly how I explain my style. Artworks normally start as a sketch, brought into the computer and jazzed up from there. I love collecting ephemora and, in turn, love to sell posters, boards and clothing bits and pieces with work printed on them. I'm a collector. Hope you enjoy the website and my work.

-Nathan Jay


Creative Services

Creative Director, Graphic Designer, Illustrator

Specialising in developing brands, whether you’ve just opened your doors, or you feel like it’s just time for an update. Taking rough ideas and developing them into a system that will benefit you and your brand with a strong visual impact.

6+ years of practical learning has created a designer who is a mix of creative and technical skills, who works with proven design processes to create the best outcome for a client. Unique and versatile illustrative abilities and his well-thought-out design.
+614 0328 1883